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Over 15 years’ design & installation expertise

We have more than 15 years’ experience helping clients across a range of sectors benefiting from high-end renewable energy technologies. We offer a bespoke service, taking our client’s unique needs into account from the moment they first get in touch until after the installation is complete.

GEI have numerous accreditations from leading industry bodies to our name, including NICEIC, and we pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our products and services. So, whether you’re an architect, homeowner, property developer, business owner, or something else, you can always feel confident when choosing us for your green energy needs.

Why Choose GEI Solar Power?

Huge Cost Savings

Harnessing the sun’s natural power and converting it into electricity means less reliance on conventional energy sources and lower energy bills.

Control Your Energy Supply

You can generate, store and even sell your own electricity back to the national grid, becoming more self-sufficient in the process.

Be Innovation Leaders

The days of coal and gas as our sources for electricity are over and by using solar power, you can become part of the renewable energy revolution.

Create a Greener Future

Solar power is a source of green electricity, meaning it lowers your carbon footprint and helps to prevent climate change.

5-Year Warranty

We are extremely confident in the quality and reliability of our solutions that all our services come with a 5-year workmanship warranty as standard.

Dedicated Aftercare Service

We ensure to take care of our customers long after the installation is complete, offering a dedicated aftercare service.

  • Commercial Solar PV
  • Domestic Solar PV
  • Battery Storage
  • EV Charging
  • Maintenance

Commercial Solar PV

Solar Panel Installation for Commercial Properties

Our solar panel systems have helped hundreds of business owners and others responsible for commercial premises take positive steps towards becoming carbon neutral and save millions on their energy bills. Each system comes tailored to the unique demands of your commercial property and provides a range of benefits for your business and the wider world, including:

  • Create additional income by selling any excess electricity that you generate back to the national grid.
  • Become forerunners at creating positive change, futureproofing our world by actively lowering carbon emissions.
  • Put control of your energy supply into your hands, worry less about power outages and price rises.
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Domestic Solar PV

Solar PV Installations for Domestic Properties

Solar PV systems are perfect for any households looking to become more self-sufficient and take an active role in preserving the planet for future generations. We also work with housing associations to create social housing with a reduced environmental impact. Before installation, we thoroughly assess the property to determine potential returns and when opting for a domestic solar PV system from us, you can benefit from:

  • An expert design service that maximises the power output on your roof, so you can effectively reduce energy bills.
  • Your own source of electricity, so you can worry less about rising energy prices and live more self-sufficiently.
  • The ability to store the electricity you generate and use when it suits you.
  • Sell surplus energy you generate back to the grid.
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Battery Storage

Battery Storage for Storing Excess Electricity Generated

Solar power systems have days where they generate excess electricity, and our solar batteries ensure that energy doesn’t go to waste. Choose from the best battery storage systems on the market, including the Puredrive Energy Storage II, Pylontech and EVE batteries and enjoy a range of fantastic benefits, including:

  • Become more self-sufficient with your own energy source that can even be used during power cuts.
  • Generate income by selling excess energy back to the national grid (if your energy supplier allows for this).
  • Use the generated electricity to run a home or business overnight and power electric cars.
  • Could even be used to import energy at cheaper rates to charge themselves and then you can use when convenient, saving your money also.
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EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Points for Domestic & Commercial Properties

Electric vehicles are another growing eco-friendly technology and an excellent alternative to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. Powered by specialist EV charging points that we install here at GEI, if you’re a business or homeowner looking to become part of the solution to combat climate change, here are some of the reasons why you should consider our EV charging points:

  • The cost to run an EV vehicle is just 5%-10% of the cost to run diesel and petrol vehicles, leading to significant savings on fuel over time.
  • Expertly designed by our team to make installation more cost-effective, maximise fuel savings and benefit the environment.
  • Works in conjunction with solar PV systems and solar batteries as part of a self-sufficient, green energy source.
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Maintenance Packages for Solar Panels

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping a solar PV system performing its best and ensuring it will last. With our bespoke maintenance packages, we can keep yours in tip top shape, monitor its efficiency, becoming aware of, and resolving, any issues should they arise. They are available for solar panels installed by us and by other companies, and you can enjoy various benefits, including:

  • A fast, efficient and cost-effective replacement service (if required) that is also of the highest quality.
  • Maximise the efficiency of your solar panel system, so you can generate more electricity and save more on energy bills.
  • Cover for any repairs and accidental damage using the best equipment available.
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Solar panels mounted to domestic tiled roof

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